Words Matter!

Words Matter!

At Accelerate Performance we believe that conversations are the workhorses of the organisation. They build your relationships and those relationships are what create your culture. An authentic and engaged culture become so because of authentic and engaged conversations.

So if conversations are critical to the relationships and culture of your organisation, the words you choose in those conversations are just as critical.

For example, in our Insights® Adapting & Connecting model we teach that when you confront someone instead of saying I want to talk to you, say I want to talk with you. “I want to talk with you about the way your behaviour is impacting our group”, elicits a different response from someone than “I want to talk to you about the way your behaviour is impacting our group.”

In this digital age of status updates and tweets which only allow 140 characters, it may seem like “to” and “with” mean the same thing. And yet, they don’t. Now more than ever, with so many platforms to communicate on, the need to use words which say exactly what you mean is so important.

This week take a look at the words you are using and ask yourself: am I saying what I mean?

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