Leaders as cheerleaders?

Cheer Leadership

Leaders have to be cheer-leaders.

All of life’s great battles are within. Among others, our battles in general include, selfishness, the need for the spot light, and the need to control things. Put succinctly, as human beings we “prefer” that others don’t outshine us.We are competitive at one level or another.We want that promotion, we want that salary increase, even when driving we jostle for position in traffic.When we lose some of these battles how do we really feel inside.Yes we are still the same person, maybe with just that little less influence, and maybe a little less confidence too.

Leaders are cheerleaders

The stereotypical cheerleader is cute and dumb.  (Cheerleaders, please forgive me!) Influential leaders are smart cheerleaders.  Better to stop making inane suggestions that slightly tweak another’s work, behaviour, or words and start giving out ‘lets go boys!’,  ‘great job!’, and ‘you are da bomb’s!’ to others, especially those who outshine you.

Leader’s reach higher by helping others reach higher.

Be a cheerleader to 10 people today. Shine the light on something you see in another that outshines what you see in you. Note:  don’t mention yourself while doing it. For example, don’t say you are so much better at listening than I am. Do say, I really admire your ability to _______ (fill in the blank). In this age of  Whatsapp, Facebook, Wechat and various other platforms, cheer-lead someone NOW, cheer-lead someone every day.Here is a list of potential candidates:  spouse, son or daughter, boss, co-worker, a service provider, client, parent, employee, public officer, cab driver, taxi driver (yes him too) or____________(fill in the blank again).

Be a leader, a cheerLeader

Happy Cheerleading

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