What’s Your Leadership Style?

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What Leadership Style and When?

Research shows that leaders should be choosing an appropriate leadership style depending on the situation. Situational Leadership teaches people to use the right leadership style at the right time.

Situational Leadership II is the world’s most taught leadership model. Backed by research, and validated by more than 30 years of client work, SLII has been relied upon by some of the best organisations in the world. It teaches leaders to use more than one leadership style, and to flex one’s leadership style for the situation.

The SLII Experience® is an innovative learning design that suits the fast pace of today’s workplace. In a learn-by-doing format it encourages leaders to learn fast and practice slow over time. While learning new leadership skills, leaders solve real work problems that have bogged down their own motivation and productivity. It’s interactive and impactful. People leave The SLII Experience prepared to lead differently.

SLII is a registered trademark of The Ken Blanchard Companies.

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