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Uncovering Training Challenges with Brain Imaging

As talent managers, you are held responsible for making observable changes in your clients or staff. What if you could uncover a trainee’s hidden beliefs silently undermining your efforts? TTI’s Center for Applied Cognitive Research is doing just that, and the results will help you better understand your consulting interactions and solve many of your training dilemmas. To find out more, download PDF below.


Moving high Potentials to Star Performers

One measure of an organization’s health is the state of its talent pipeline. Whether preparing for executive succession, filling open management positions as the need arises, or staffing new roles created by restructuring

or growth, how ready is your company to
fill key positions with star performers? The answer may fall somewhere between how many superior performers you have now and how many high potentials you are currently cultivating.

To find out more, download PDF below.



70 20 10 Guide: Providing Structure to the 70

As a teenager, my first job was working at a Dairy Queen making ice cream cones, sundaes and shakes. On my first day, my manager showed me how to make the famous DQ swirl that sits on top of all DQ cones. First, he showed me how to make a cone identifying all the minor movements that

need to be made to create the perfect ice cream cone. Then he handed the controls to me. The first few were sloppy and lopsided. He told me to keep practicing and practicing until I got it. And I did. Within a short while, I was able to create the signature swirl.

To find out more, download PDF below.



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