Sales Development

sales Development

Since 2011, Accelerate Performance has specialized in world-class sales training, delivering workshops to provide sales organizations with the selling skills and tools necessary to win in a highly competitive marketplace. Our sales programmes help companies define and implement their organizational sales process, from market awareness to sales techniques to sales improvement and ultimately, sales success. We believe that this sales success can only be achieved through a top-down company commitment to defining a repeatable, scalable sales process.

Sales Coaching

sales Coaching

Chris Lytle said in his book The Accidental Sales Manager, “You’re the sales manager but you don’t manage sales. You must coach the players to do what it takes to win instead of trying to coach the score.”

Sales coaching is the new sales management. It helps promote individual rep’s development, improves job performance and reduces unnecessary learning time. Another key benefit is that sales coaching helps retain top performers. Unlike sales management, which focuses on telling them what to do, coaching helps reps who are already high performers become even more effective and successful.

Customised Sales Training 

78% of those who either customised or fully customised their programs reported that their initiative was “effective.”

iconWith many years implementing Sales Systems for may leading organisations we have come to realise that for any implementation to be a success it requires three critical elements.

Our sales capability building approaches all hinge on these three.

Consistency and continuity in coaching
– Customised Sales training 
– Relentless focus on client ROI
we provide training that is relevant to each audience while still providing core consistency across the organisation. We quickly and deeply customise the content with our clients’ strategies, markets, products, sales challenges, and tools. Customisation allows for application during the training and contributes greatly to ROI. 


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