What Habits Are Your Sales Teams Going To Fall Back On?


Sales Habits.

Any sales system worth using will profoundly alter how your sales team looks at and understands selling. But your sales team won’t systematically apply these insights and techniques without coaching and reinforcement. A lot of organisations are still sending their sales people and sales managers on once-off sales training excursions and actually believe they are doing the business a favour. A consultant from any random training consultancy may as well just pitch and they hand him/her a cheque and not waste their sales teams’ time. Without sustainable follow through, on the areas that form habits: self management, sales process and sales motivation (coaching, mentoring) your sales people will just revert to the way they have done things in the past.

It’s no different than expecting people to radically alter their long-term eating and exercise habits with nothing more than a book.  It takes more than knowledge – more than a one time event.


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